How A Lack Of Saliva Can Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is something that can be hard to detect on yourself and hard to get rid of, but the best way to get rid of bad breath is by finding out what is causing it. If you know why you have bad breath, it will be easier for you to eliminate it. One cause of bad breath is dry mouth. If you suffer from dry mouth and have bad breath, it's likely that the lack of saliva in your mouth is the cause of the odor.

Reasons Behind Why Your Dental Implant May Break or Become Loose

Dental implants are a great way to replace lost or damaged teeth with something which feels natural. They're very sturdy and can be treated the same as your natural teeth. However, there are ways in which they can be damaged or become loose. These types of problems usually happen when you first have the implants installed and they haven't settled in, but damage can happen at any time if they're not properly treated, though this is rare.

Terrified Of The Dentist? Try These Things Before Your Appointment To Help You Relax

Whether you have had a previous bad experience at a dentist or you just scared of having your mouth worked on at all, dental fear is a very real thing. Being afraid of going to the dentist is actually one of the primary reasons why some adults don't get the dental care they need, and this is never a good thing. While you may not be able to push your fear of dental treatment completely out of the way, there are a few things you can do before your scheduled dentist appointment that may help you be a bit more relaxed.

Reasons Why You Should Consider A Tongue Tie Frenectomy

If you have a baby or a toddler that is experiencing ankyloglossia, or tongue tie syndrome, there is an excellent chance that you are worried about your child's development. Speech is extremely important in order for many people to survive and thrive in society, and it might appear that your child's ankyloglossia is causing him or her to have a harder time communicating. However, you might not want to make your child undergo a tongue tie frenectomy due to the fact that it is a major surgery that carries risks for young children.

New To Dentures? 3 Ways To Adjust To Your New Smile

Have you recently made the decision to get dentures? While this is likely not an easy decision for you, it may be a necessary one in order to have a happy, productive life. If you have fears of limitations caused by dentures, such as not being able to eat some of the things you love, keep in mind that dentures have advanced greatly. Modern dentures are designed to look more like real teeth and are easier to maintain.