Three Reasons To Talk Over Your Toothpaste With Your Dentist

When going to the dentist, most people talk about the big-ticket items. Fillings, cavities, and possible root canals or crowns is the topic of discussion with any dentist. Though major dental work should be talked about, common dental choices should also be highlighted when you go to the dentist's office. here are three good reasons to bring up your toothpaste choice when you are in the dentist's chair.  You can learn if the toothpaste is ADA approved

Delayed Dental Cleanings: Is Your Health At Risk When You Don't Have Your Teeth Checked?

When you think of dental cleanings, you might be inclined to conclude they have more to do with helping you look better than feel better, but with today's advanced scientific understanding of how the human body works and what poses a threat to its healthy functioning, it's becoming abundantly clear that a clean mouth means much more than taking a better selfie: dental health is directly related to overall well being, with significant implications for disease prevention, including those that can cut your life short.

What's the Most Permanent Solution For Missing Teeth?

If you have one or more missing teeth, you might be searching for the best long-term solution to your problem. Constantly putting dentures in and taking them out can be a nuisance, and bridges often don't last very long. The real trick to getting a tooth replacement to work as well as a real tooth and last as long as one is to ensure that it's as close to the real thing as possible.

Break Your Tooth? Know How You Can Fix It

There are several viable methods to fix a tooth, but some methods are better in certain situations. Here are several ways that you can fix a tooth that breaks. Bonding Do you have a small piece of the tooth that broke off? If so, your dentist may be able to fix this problem using dental bonding. It's a process that will fill in the missing part of the tooth with a natural colored resin, then cure the material with a special light so that it is solid.

How Maryland Bridges Differ From Other Types Of Dental Bridges

A Maryland bridge is one of the three common types of dental bridges dentists use to replace missing teeth. This particular type of bridge has some benefits over the other two types, but it also has some drawbacks. Here are several important things you should understand about Maryland bridges and how they differ from the other types of dental bridges. What Is a Bridge? Before you can understand the difference between a Maryland bridge and other types, you should understand what a dental bridge is in the first place.