When Should Your Child See An Orthodontist?

Every parent really wants their child to be as healthy as possible. One way to do that is for your child to have lovely, strong, straight teeth. You may be wondering how soon is too soon for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic Evaluation Experts suggest that getting your child's mouth evaluated to see if they need any kind of orthodontic assistance is good. The recommendation is that your child should see an orthodontist before they are 7.

2 Ways To Restore A Damaged Tooth

Being capable of having healthy teeth that will provide a lifetime of care may take work. It's possible that you may have decay over time, and the most important thing you can do is to remove the decayed tooth and get it restored. There is a variety of ways this can be done, and knowing the one that works best for you is important for your success. Dental Fillings Certain amounts of decay will allow for a dental filling.

3 Tips For Treating A Sore Throat After A Tooth Whitening Procedure

Tooth whitening procedures involve the use of hydrogen peroxide in order to successfully lighten the teeth. If the whitening is done at home, it is not uncommon for a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to be swallowed. This is often the result of using trays that do not fit properly. Small doses of hydrogen peroxide are not harmful, but they can cause irritation to your throat. A sore throat will go away on its own after a few days as long no additional hydrogen peroxide is swallowed during this time.

The Best Reasons To Choose Invisible Braces For A Healthier Smile

Most people choose to wear braces on their teeth because to straighten them and to repair an over or under bite. While cosmetic issues are the most common reasons people choose braces, you should know that straightening your teeth can help to improve more than just the appearance of your smile. Learn more about why you should wear invisible braces and how they can help to improve your overall health.

Missing Molar: Different Replacement Options You Can Choose

When you are missing a molar, you have the ability to replace the tooth. However, before you can do so, it is important to know what options are available for replacing your missing tooth. Bridge One replacement option is to have a dentist create a bridge. In most cases, a dental bridge is comprised of two crowns and the false tooth. However, this method only works if you have a tooth on both sides of the space where you are missing a tooth.