Why Treat An Underbite?

Normally, when you close your jaws, your upper teeth should land in front of your lower teeth. In an underbite, the reverse happens. An underbite should be fixed because the side effects can be, at best, highly uncomfortable. At worst, they can interfere with the ability to eat and may also damage teeth. If your child has an underbite, or if you've had one and just never took care of it, now's the time.

Three Ways To Reduce Braces Treatment Time

There is nothing wrong with wanting a perfect smile, and over 4 million Americans are currently correcting their smiles by wearing braces. It takes approximately 18 months for braces to do their job of moving teeth into position, and that timeframe can feel like an eternity. So, is there anything that can be done to reduce the treatment time for braces? These three tips could make an impact on how long you need to wear braces.

Reasons To Take Your Child To A Special Needs Dentist

Many parents do not realize it, but there are many different fields and specialties in dentistry, and some dentists are more equipped to deal with certain things than others. One field is special needs dentistry. Most people have never heard of this field of dentistry let alone know who could benefit from it. Get to know more about the potential reasons to take your child to a special needs dentist. Then, you can better decide if special needs dentistry is the right option for your child.