New To Dentures? 3 Ways To Adjust To Your New Smile

Have you recently made the decision to get dentures? While this is likely not an easy decision for you, it may be a necessary one in order to have a happy, productive life. If you have fears of limitations caused by dentures, such as not being able to eat some of the things you love, keep in mind that dentures have advanced greatly. Modern dentures are designed to look more like real teeth and are easier to maintain. The following are some things to think about getting dentures for the first time:

Practice Speaking Out Loud

Once you get your new dentures, you may notice that it is initially difficult to say certain words and pronounce certain sounds. To help combat this difficulty, practice speaking out loud until you feel confident that you can say the words you want to say. Once you begin to notice which words and sounds are the most difficult, continue to practice saying them until you are comfortable with how you feel when you speak. Also, you may want to speak a little more slowly with more difficult words until you are confident that you can say them correctly.

Relax Your Facial Muscles

After getting dentures, you may feel some soreness in your face. This is your facial muscles getting used to your new teeth. It is just like starting a new exercise routine. Initially you are sore, but the soreness fades as you get used to doing it. This is the same case with getting dentures. Your jaw has to get used to holding onto the new teeth to help them stay in place. Once you become used to your dentures, you will notice less soreness. Relax your facial muscles as often as you can in order to keep yourself comfortable.

Practice Readjusting Dentures

From time to time, your dentures may move or slip when you make sudden movements with your mouth, such as chewing, sneezing, or coughing. The great news is you do not have to remove your dentures in front of others in order to put them back into place. Simply reposition them using your tongue, bite down gently, and then swallow. This will provide suction at the roof of the mouth that will help reposition the dentures. With some practice, you will be able to do this anywhere and no one will know what you are doing.

Having dentures can be a major change in your life, but they have so many benefits. If you find that your dentures are continually uncomfortable, contact your dentist to ensure you have been fitted correctly. For more information, contact a company like Howley & Basara Family Dentistry PC.