Laser-Guided Dental Treatment: How Lasers Are Changing The Future Of Dentistry

Blasting laser beams into patients' mouths to treat various dental issues may seem like a science fiction concept. However, modern laser technology is already being used by dentists in a number of ways. In the years to come, cavities and tooth stains may be a thing of the past as laser technology in dentistry continues to progress. Tooth Regeneration via Stem Cells The dreaded dental drill may be put to rest in the near future.

3 Reasons You May Not Be The Best Candidate For Dental Implants

Dental implants make it seemingly easy to get your smile back after you have lost your natural teeth. However, the process of inserting a prosthetic tooth into existing bone and soft tissue is a lot more complex than many patients realize. Dental implants may require several weeks (in some cases months) of recovery time. While all of this is well worth the effort if your end result is a beautiful new smile, dental implants will not work out to your benefit if you are not a good candidate for the treatment.

3 Things You Should Know About Metal Braces

Are your teeth slightly crooked and full of gaps in between them? You might be the ideal candidate for placement of metal braces. However, the overall condition of your oral health will play a major role in if getting metal braces is the best way to fix your teeth. In this article, you will gain more insight on metal braces to decide if you want to move forward with making an appointment with an orthodontist.

3 Things You Can Do At Home To Prevent Your Whitened Teeth From Becoming Re-Stained

Your teeth may be discolored because of the drinks and foods that you consume. However, discoloration can also be simply due to age. Regardless of the reason for your dental staining, a teeth-whitening application can help whiten your teeth.  Most teeth whiteners contain a peroxide-based bleaching agent to bleach stains from the enamel. In-office whitening, which is performed by a dental professional, is the safest and most effective method of teeth whitening.

Take A CAD Class To Design Custom Implants And Set Your Oral Surgery Practice Apart

Architects and engineers have long taken computer-aided drawing (CAD) classes to learn how to design buildings. Thanks to advancements in three-dimensional printing, CAD now has benefits for people outside of these fields. If you're an oral surgeon, here's how taking a CAD class could help you learn to design custom implants. Taking a CAD Class Today, there are a variety of CAD software programs that are developed for specific industries, including some for the dental industry.