Deciding Between A Root Canal And Tooth Extraction

At the mention of the phrase "root canal," your mind may conjure up unpleasant images of a long, painful dental procedure. However, today's root canal involves little pain, and dentists are able to split some procedures over multiple visits. Root canals are typically performed as an alternative to a complete tooth extraction; understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your each procedure helps you pick the procedure best for your dental health.

Using Dental Adhesive: When To Stick It To Your New Dentures

If you have new dentures, you are undoubtedly already familiar with dental adhesive. While the general perception tends to be that dentures always require dental adhesive, that is actually a fallacy. Well-fitting dentures don't require dental adhesive all the time; however, there may be some situations when adhesive is helpful - especially when they're still new. Keep reading to learn about the best times to stick it to your dentures!

Effective Methods For Whitening Your Teeth

An important aspect of your teeth is how white they are. In order to improve this attribute of your teeth, you can utilize these whitening methods. Teeth Bleaching One of the most effective methods for teeth whitening is teeth bleaching, which can be done when you get help from a cosmetic dentist. This professional will put a teeth bleaching agent on the front surface of your upper and lower teeth. This agent is usually a peroxide gel.

3 Amazing Things That Laser Gum Treatment Can Do To Improve Your Teeth And Gums

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, occurs when the tartar on your teeth goes up into your gums and creates an infection. A great way to treat gum disease is to use a laser to treat these gums. During laser gum treatment, a laser is used to repair your teeth and gums in a quick and effective manner, rather than using a scalpel and stitches to repair them. Because of this, the procedure is much less invasive.

Molar Tooth Pain: The Cause & Treatment Options

Does your painful molar leave you miserable because over-the-counter pain medication does not seem to provide relief? It is important for you to get examined by a dentist to see where the pain stems from, as he or she can treat and extract the tooth. In this article, find out what is causing such uncontrollable molar tooth pain and what a dentist can do to treat it. What Can Lead to Molar Tooth Pain?