Molar Tooth Pain: The Cause & Treatment Options

Does your painful molar leave you miserable because over-the-counter pain medication does not seem to provide relief? It is important for you to get examined by a dentist to see where the pain stems from, as he or she can treat and extract the tooth. In this article, find out what is causing such uncontrollable molar tooth pain and what a dentist can do to treat it.

What Can Lead to Molar Tooth Pain?

Even if you don't see a cavity visible on your molar, you may still have a small one that is causing you pain. The pain will not go away until you are treated by a dentist. However, failing to seek prompt treatment will lead to the cavity getting bigger and possible damage to your pulp chamber. The pulp chamber contains the nerves that are responsible to letting you know when your tooth is in pain. Damage to the pulp chamber can lead to the nerves dying, which will make your tooth pain go away. You don't want the nerves to die because it can mean that you have a more serious oral health problem.

Molar tooth pain can also stem from an abscess under the tooth. An abscess is dangerous to your health because it is filled with toxic pus that can cause complications in other areas of your body. The toxic pus becomes dangerous when it makes it into the bloodstream. Toxins from an abscess in your bloodstream can lead to your entire body getting inflamed.

What Can a Dentist Do to Treat Molar Tooth Pain?

If you don't want to ever deal with pain in your molar tooth again, a dentist can extract it for you. How the extraction is performed will depend on the overall condition of the tooth. If your tooth is already loose, the dentist can simply use dental tools to pull it out. However, you may need to get the tooth surgically removed if it is not loose. You also have the option of getting your molar treated based on what is wrong, which may include getting a root canal, filling a cavity and taking antibiotics.

Pain from a molar tooth can make it difficult to relax and even cause you to lose sleep. Getting your tooth treated will not only give you pain relief, but it is vital for preventing more complex problems. For more information, contact A Q Denture Services or a similar location.