3 Amazing Things That Laser Gum Treatment Can Do To Improve Your Teeth And Gums

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, occurs when the tartar on your teeth goes up into your gums and creates an infection. A great way to treat gum disease is to use a laser to treat these gums. During laser gum treatment, a laser is used to repair your teeth and gums in a quick and effective manner, rather than using a scalpel and stitches to repair them. Because of this, the procedure is much less invasive. This article will discuss 3 amazing things that laser gum treatment can do to improve your teeth and gums. 

The Laser Can Remove and Cauterize Infected Gums

When you get gum disease there is a pocket of infection between your gum and your tooth that needs to be removed completely. This is done to stop the disease from spreading into your bones. The laser is able to go right in and remove this pocket of infected tissue quite successfully. Because the laser is so exact, your dentist will be able to remove as little of your gum tissue as is necessary to remove the disease. 

The Laser Can Remove The Tartar On Your Tooth And Prepare It For Further Treatment

Since the tartar on your teeth is what causes gum disease to spread, it is important that this tartar is completely removed from your teeth during your laser gum treatment. A laser is effective in removing the tartar from your tooth because it is so exact. The laser is then also used to prep the tooth for a filling, crown, or whatever it needs to be repaired. The use of a laser is once again quick and straight forward, making for a smooth dental procedure. 

The Laser Allows You To Heal Faster And With Less Pain

Because the laser is so much less invasive, this allows you to heal much quicker from the treatment. You also won't have to worry about having stitches removed, which can be painful and time consuming. Even the procedure itself is much shorter than if you were using a scalpel and stitches to repair your gums, and a drill to repair your teeth. 

While not many dentists are yet certified to use lasers for gum laser treatment, the procedure is becoming more and more popular because of the benefits that it offers. The benefits stated in this article, such as removing infections from gums very precisely, removing tartar from teeth, and helping with a quick healing process are only a few of the amazing benefits to using a gum laser. Contact Neu Family Dental Center for more information.