What Makes Dental Implants A Unique Tooth Replacement Option?

As you are perhaps aware, implants replace the entire tooth structure. That is because they have a metallic post that serves as an artificial root. The post remains firmly anchored on bone, explaining why this tooth replacement option is reliable and durable. Read on to find out why dental implants stand out from the other options. 1. Keep Facial Distortion at Bay Did you know that missing teeth lead to jawbone loss?

How To Care For Your Orthodontic Appliances

Wearing braces means that you can look forward to a restored smile and an improved bite. It also means that you will have spacers, bands, wires, and brackets inside your mouth for months, or maybe even years. Because of this, you will need to maintain a meticulous regimen of oral care to remove food from under, between, and around your orthodontic apparatus. In addition to visiting your orthodontist for regular checkups and tightening appointments, consider the following tips on caring for your orthodontic appliances so your mouth stays healthy during your braces treatment.

Did You Damage A Tooth During A Recent Accident? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Root Canal Treatment Over Other Options

Experiencing any kind of accident is scary, but your fear might have increased once you realized that you sustained damage to your mouth. Whether you fell and hit your face on the ground or were in a car accident, tooth damage is not something to ignore. A tooth that is badly injured in an accident may hurt, turn a different color, or even have an obvious fracture. If the damage is bad enough, your dentist will likely offer you several options to eliminate the pain and prevent infection.

Why It's Not Too Late For You To Have Straight Teeth

Some people missed their chance to have their teeth straightened as an adolescent. That doesn't mean it's too late, though. Adults get braces every day, and likely none of them regret it. Read on and find out about some choices that might not have been available to you when you were young. The Traditional Braces Choice All braces work slowly to gradually bring your teeth into proper alignment. Usually, the braces are tightened over time and can mean frequent visits to the orthodontist.

Can You Have Dental Implant Surgery?

Before having dental implants put in, you have to be prepared for the surgery. The chances are good you'll be approved for the surgery if you have had oral surgery before or have successfully undergone surgeries where you needed general anesthesia. The chances are also good if you currently have no severe oral health needs beyond getting dental implants. However, there are some barriers that you need to consider when you get dental implant surgery.