Are Dental Implants The Best Way To Replace Teeth?

Dentists can replace missing teeth in numerous ways. But the three main options for missing tooth replacement are bridges, dentures, and dental implants. You may have heard that dental implants are the most reliable and effective method of replacing teeth. Despite being the most expensive option, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. 

This article will explain why dental implants are superior to other tooth replacement options. 

You don't have to remove dental implants to clean them

Dental implants function the same way as natural teeth do. Dental implants have titanium posts that function just like the roots of natural teeth. And those titanium roots don't move once they have healed and integrated with your jawbone. This fact means that cleaning dental implants is just as simple as cleaning your natural teeth. You can floss and brush a dental implant without removing it.

You don't have to worry about losing dental implants

One of the biggest problems with removable appliances like dentures is that they are easy to lose. Whenever you remove a denture, you have to ensure that you don't leave it somewhere and forget about it. Dental implants are not removable. So if you have a bad memory or are prone to losing things, dental implants are the best form of tooth replacement for you.

You can improve your facial appearance with dental implants

When you lose a tooth, your facial appearance suffers. Each tooth in your mouth is supported by your jawbone. But when you lose a tooth, you also lose the bone around that tooth. But the bone occurs gradually, over a few months. Unfortunately, losing jawbone structure affects your facial appearance in a negative way. Bone loss in the jaw can cause sunken cheeks and wrinkles.

Dental implants restore and preserve bone in the jaw, helping you to avoid the negative effects of bone loss on your facial appearance.

You can add dental implants to other prosthetics

You can use dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. And you can combine dental implants with other prosthetics, such as dentures and dental bridges. When you combine one or more dental implants with a denture or dental bridge, you can restore multiple teeth. The ability to combine dental implants with dental bridges or dentures means you can replace a whole arch of teeth.

Dental implants are the most effective way of replacing missing teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, speak to your dentist about how you can best use dental implants for your situation.