Have a More Pleasant Dental Visit Experience

Those with dental fears may need more support when it's time to visit the dentist. Even a consultation can bring out anxiety and fear in some people. Unfortunately, dental anxiety can cause people to neglect their dental health for long periods of time. The longer these fearful patients go without dental help, the more extensive the work they will need. In most cases, that knowledge only adds to the problem. Everyone deserves good dental care, and it's possible for those with dental fears to get the care they need. Read on to find out more.

Explore Dental Office Options

Depending on where you live, you should have several dentists to choose from. However, many fearful patients must search further afield to locate a dentist that caters to fearful patients. It may not be as convenient as the dental office a few blocks away, but traveling to a dentist you trust may be the only option for some.

Dentists that specialize in fearful patients usually advertise their services online. You can also access dental anxiety forums online for referrals in your general geographical area. Dentists that treat fearful patients often ensure that patients have these forms of support:

  • Quieter dental offices with less patient traffic and more privacy.
  • Dental teams that explain everything they are doing.
  • Opportunities to take a time-out during procedures including the use of hand signals.
  • Headphones to block noise.
  • Calming medications taken prior to the appointment.
  • And more.

Meet the Dentist

Many of those fearful of the dentist will want to meet with the dentist at an appointment where no dental work will be performed. Have a conversation with the dentist about your fears and meet the rest of the team. You might enjoy a tour of the facility as well. Ask your dentist about the use of laughing gas and other means of dealing with fear and pain during a visit.

In many cases, dental patients that have not had work performed in a long time need extensive procedures. However, getting a fearful patient to return for multiple procedures can be a challenge. Ask about options to have several procedures performed on the same day using appropriate anesthesia.

Finally, don't be embarrassed about the condition of your teeth. Dental practitioners see a wide variety of dental issues. Dental professionals view patients as someone who they can help, and that is where their focus lies.

Find a dentist that understands your needs and supports your goals to get your oral health in shape.