What Factors Influence Teeth Whitening Results?

Teeth whitening is one of the best procedures you can consider each time you want to restore the appearance of your discolored teeth. Once the teeth whitening treatment is complete, your teeth will have that original white hue, giving you a new smile.

While this procedure is effective and can minimize the looks of all kinds of discolorations, some factors influence the results. This is why results vary between patients even if the procedure is conducted by one dentist. This post will share factors affecting teeth whitening results.

Natural Teeth Shade

Your teeth's natural shade determines the results you will get after teeth whitening. In most cases, those with a yellowish tint respond well to this cosmetic treatment compared to those who have brown or grayish shades.

A gray tint occurs due to antibiotics use, while fluoride causes the brownish tint. Such patients will need extra whitening sessions to attain the desired results.

State of Teeth

The teeth's condition will play a significant role in the whitening process. Patients with severe plaque buildup or cavities will not get the same results as people with deposit-free teeth. To improve your chances of getting better results, you can undergo teeth cleaning to provide an ideal foundation for whitening products. Cavity issues should also be addressed before whitening your teeth.

Habits You Practice Regularly

To attain the desired results, the dentist will schedule several sessions. They will also share a hygiene routine, diet, and habits to avoid so you don't interfere with the teeth whitening progress.

For instance, you will need to avoid acidic drinks and foods, tobacco products, and dark-colored drills like wine, tea, or coffee. Also, you'll need to maintain oral hygiene regardless of the results. If you don't, your new pearly whites will darken, and the dentist will have to repeat the treatment each time. Make sure you brush your teeth regularly and rinse your mouth after eating.

Follow all the instructions religiously because they will determine how soon you attain your teeth whitening goals. If you neglect them, the teeth whitening process will take longer.

Type of Whitening Agent

Although various whitening products exist, hydrogen peroxide is a popular active ingredient. Dentists know how to choose the right whitening agent and the ideal concentration level for your teeth, the reason why in-office treatments offer better results fast. They also use LED light and lasers to enhance the bleaching process. It will take longer to notice changes when you use at-home whitening products.

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