Why It's Not Too Late For You To Have Straight Teeth

Some people missed their chance to have their teeth straightened as an adolescent. That doesn't mean it's too late, though. Adults get braces every day, and likely none of them regret it. Read on and find out about some choices that might not have been available to you when you were young.

The Traditional Braces Choice

All braces work slowly to gradually bring your teeth into proper alignment. Usually, the braces are tightened over time and can mean frequent visits to the orthodontist. The traditional brace choice has been around for a long time and can bring about dramatic but slow improvements to your smile. You've probably seen traditional braces. Composed of metal plates and wires, they pull your teeth together slowly. Of interest to adults, though, nowadays you can have braces with clear or tooth-colored plates so they are less noticeable.

Back Braces

Lingual braces are the behind-the-scenes version of traditional braces. This option can cost more than the usual front-facing ones and they may take more getting used to since so much of the hardware comes into contact with your tongue. Lingual braces take about the same amount of time to work as traditional ones.

The Ease of Aligners

Just as dental implants revolutionized the world of replacing missing teeth, so have teeth aligners.

Invisalign is a well-known aligner company, but more and more companies are coming out with their own versions of this option. Here is what to know about aligners to straighten teeth:

  1. Aligners are available from dentists and orthodontists. They can assist you in forming the molds necessary for a perfect fit for your aligner.
  2. Aligners are usually made of tough, clear plastic and that means that they are a lot less visible to others.
  3. Although they are removable, they have to be worn continuously for nearly an entire 24 hour period. You can, however, take them out when eating and to clean them.
  4. Known as trays, the clear plastic braces are meant to be discarded every few weeks. A new aligner is provided then and each one is progressively tighter and tighter so that the teeth can be brought into alignment.
  5. While aligners are more attractive for many, it can take a bit longer to achieve the same results as a traditional brace. Some patients with very misaligned teeth could be steered toward the traditional braces choice by their orthodontist due to the time and cost involved.

There is sure to be a choice in braces that is just right for you. Speak to your orthodontist to find out more.