Why Is Teeth Whitening Worth The Investment?

Investing in your teeth is more important than you might think. When having a conversation with someone, the person's teeth are likely one of the first things you will notice about them. When a person's teeth are discolored, others may assume that the person does not take good care of their teeth by brushing, visiting the dentist, and using floss. Even if you brush often enough, you can still have discolored teeth. If you smile without your teeth showing, or if you are constantly finding yourself editing your photos to make your teeth look whiter than they are, investing to have your teeth whitened at the office with a dentist is worth it.

Is It a Painful Process?

Getting your teeth whitened in the office is not a painful process at all. It is more relaxing than anything. The dentist would have you resting on a chair in the office while he or she is applying the peroxide solution that lifts the stains right away. The solution gets applied to each tooth, and blue ultraviolet light gets put over the teeth to help seal the solution while increasing its effectiveness. The average whitening session at the office will take about 60 minutes, but some sessions take even less time.

What Are the Results Like and How Long Does It Last?

It is not unusual for patients to be amazed and shocked by the results of the in-office whitening treatment. The treatment process is effective enough to provide patients with immediate results where their teeth look many shades whiter than before and numerous stains are no longer present on the teeth. Patients can feel confident when leaving the office after receiving whitening treatment. The results tend to last for years at a time. If you are going to get your teeth whitened in the office, you should take measures to maintain the fresh white appearance of the teeth by brushing your teeth after you have had something to eat or drink, avoiding carbonated beverages that can cause damage and discoloration to teeth, staying away from cigarettes, and going to the dentist for professional cleanings during the year.

Getting your teeth whitened is one of the best ways to spend money on yourself. When you have whiter teeth, you will instantly have more confidence. The teeth whitening process is not painful and is often completed in 60 minutes or less. The results that are achieved in the office can last for years at a time, too.