3 Ways To Get Healthier Teeth

Having a clean and healthy smile is something that everyone wants, but if it seems like you are spending more time in the dentist's chair and less time with a healthy smile, then you need to step up your oral health routine. But how?

This article will take a closer look at a few basic tips for you to follow. Are you ready to learn some more? Read on. 

Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror, and answer this question honestly:  "How often am I brushing my teeth?" If your answer is less than twice a day, then there lies your problem.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is one of the best ways to get rid of sugar, germs, bacteria, and plaque on your teeth. But, if you can get yourself to brush your teeth after every meal, then it's even better. Just make sure that you are using a good toothpaste and that you are brushing for at least a couple of minutes. 

Drink More Water

How much water are you drinking every day? Drinking more water isn't just good for your waistline, but it's also really good for your oral health.

Why? Because water increases your mouth's natural production of saliva. And, saliva is one of the best ways for you to naturally get rid of bacteria, extra food, and anything else that's on your teeth. If you can, try carrying around a water bottle with you wherever you go. It will encourage you to drink it all day long. 

Get Regular Cleanings

If you hadn't been to the dentist until you got a cavity in who-knows-how-long, then that may be why you got a cavity in the first place. Did you know that The American Dental Association encourages patients to get their teeth professionally cleaned every six months? Yep, you read that right.

By getting regular cleanings, you can cut down on your chances of getting cavities, gum disease, and a variety of other oral problems. After you get ahold of your oral health, make sure that you don't skip out on your regular cleanings. 

Having a clean, healthy smile requires at least a little bit of work on your end. To make sure that you get rid of your cavities and keep your mouth healthy, use these tips. To learn more, contact your dentist