4 Tips for Recovering from Having a Tooth Extracted

Tooth extractions can be a task that you dread doing. However, it's possible that you may need to have this done during some stage of your life. The good news is, you can typically recover fairly quickly if you know the right things to do. It's critical to your well-being that you apply certain tips to help you recover quickly. 

Tip #1: Don't exercise

You may be tempted to get back to your daily routine of exercising, but this isn't in your best interest. It's ideal to take some time off doing any strenuous activity for a few days. You'll want to rest more to let your body heal, and if all possible it's a good idea to take some time off of work as well. 

Tip #2: Elevate your head

It may be helpful to keep your head elevated for a certain amount of time after this procedure. Doing this will speed up the recovery process, which is key to moving forward with your life. Simply place a pillow under your head to achieve this goal, and you'll soon be able to enjoy the benefits.

Tip #3: Use an ice pack

If you have any swelling, it's in your best interest to use an ice pack to help decrease it. Just place this on the side of your mouth where you had the extraction, and you may soon see this go down. If the swelling does not go down, contact your dentist. However, keep in mind it's not uncommon for swelling to occur for many people that have recently had a tooth removed.

Tip #4: Eat soft foods

Taking time to stock up on the right foods can be an important step in getting through this situation with greater ease. It may be difficult for you to chew as well and it's not good for the healing process to chew on hard foods. Some things you may want to have in your house to eat include yogurt, dairy items, and various liquids. 

Taking care of your dental health should be one of the top things on your mind. Doing this may require an extraction to take place to avoid an infection, which could lead to more concerns. However, you can enjoy a quick recovery when you know the right things to do. Be sure to consult your dentist for additional tips to help you feel your best after an extraction.