Three Reasons To Talk Over Your Toothpaste With Your Dentist

When going to the dentist, most people talk about the big-ticket items. Fillings, cavities, and possible root canals or crowns is the topic of discussion with any dentist. Though major dental work should be talked about, common dental choices should also be highlighted when you go to the dentist's office. here are three good reasons to bring up your toothpaste choice when you are in the dentist's chair. 

You can learn if the toothpaste is ADA approved

The American Dental Association approves certain tooth care and dental hygiene products, including toothpaste. It may not occur to many consumers to look at the labels and confirm if the ADA has approved the product or if it is not yet approved. Let your dentist know what kind of toothpaste you use to learn if the product is considered to be a good choice and if it is ADA approved. If not, your dentist may recommend a new toothpaste that is tried and true from their years of practice. 

The toothpaste may be too harsh for your dental work

If you have crowns, veneers, or other types of dental work, you may need to be more careful about your dental tools. Many people have to switch to softer toothbrushes or a less harsh floss. Dental work can mean that you need a toothpaste with gentler ingredients as well. By talking over your dental toothpaste choice, you can learn if the toothpaste could be too harsh for your dental work or if it could cause issues with your composite veneers. If it is possible that your dental work can be affected, ask for a list of gentle toothpaste products before you leave from your appointment. 

Better recommendations can be made for your particular needs

Every mouth is different. Some people have teeth that are a little softer than others and therefore, must be babied. Some people have gums that are sensitive, which means that they need to watch how hard they brush and stay away from certain types of food. Depending on your dental needs, you may find yourself in need of another type of toothpaste. If your teeth are stained, a whitening toothpaste that is recommended by the dentist will help to lift the stains and better the overall color of your teeth. If you have a sensitive mouth and tongue, your toothpaste may need to have low to no flavoring and natural ingredients. Ask your dentist for a recommendation so that you can solve some oral issues with a different toothpaste in your routine. 

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