How Dental Veneers Can Improve The Appearance Of Uneven Front Teeth

If you're embarrassed by the way your front teeth look when you smile, veneers might be able to help. Veneers can completely change the appearance of your teeth. Veneers won't fix all kinds of dental problems, for instance, misaligned teeth may require braces instead. But if you have teeth that are uneven, then veneers might be able to make the short teeth longer, so your smile is improved. Here's how veneers help:

Veneers Hide Your Natural Teeth

Veneers attach to your natural teeth and cover the front of them completely. This hides imperfections such as chips, short teeth, and stains. They attach with dental cement so they adhere securely. You can bite and chew with them like you would with your regular teeth, and they look natural since they are made from porcelain. Porcelain has an appearance that is very similar to natural enamel, so no one can tell you have veneers in place.

Veneers Lengthen Short Teeth

A veneer can take on any shape necessary. It can make a short tooth longer, and it can even cover a chipped area. You can have a single veneer put on, or you can have them put on all your front teeth depending on the look you want to achieve. By placing veneers on your short teeth, your front teeth have a more uniform appearance that improves your smile. Before placing a veneer on your tooth, the dentist removes a thin layer of your enamel. The process of getting a veneer is easy to endure. The surface of your enamel is roughed up so the dental cement bonds well, but there is no drilling or pain involved.

Veneers Can Whiten Your Teeth Too

If you've not been able to achieve dazzling white teeth with peroxide treatments, then you can finally have the white teeth you want when you get veneers. In addition to changing the shape of your front teeth, veneers can change the color too since they come in a variety of shades of white. You can pick the color you want. However, to maintain their brightness, you'll need to brush the veneers daily and have regular dental cleanings so they don't become stained by coffee, smoking, or foods.

Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment, so they may not be suitable if your front teeth have decay. If your front teeth need fillings in addition to cosmetic work, your dentist may recommend a bridge or crowns instead. Make an appointment with your dentist to see if veneers are right for you. Veneers might be the solution for prettier teeth that boost your self-confidence and make you feel like smiling again.

Contact a dentist that offers veneers in your area for more information and assistance.