Three Things to Consider When Choosing a New Dentist For Your Child

Now that your little one is old enough to visit the dentist, it's important to find a caretaker who can meet their specific needs and make the process of visiting the dentist less stressful for everyone involved. Here are three things to consider when choosing a new dentist to care for your child:

Personality and Experience

The dentist you choose to care for your little one's teeth should have extensive experience working specifically with children, as this will help ensure that they know how to communicate on a child's level so your kid can better identify with them. Make sure your child's new dentist works exclusively with kids or runs a family practice that incorporates children of all ages. And consider your child's personality when meeting with prospective dentists for the first time.

If your little one tends to withdraw or become shy in public settings, you probably shouldn't choose a dentist who is boisterous – someone who is quiet yet attentive is likely a better fit. Bring your child along to the initial consultations so they can get to know the dentists and provide their input about who they want to see again for a teeth cleaning and check up.


The environment inside the dental facility you and your child will visit for check ups and treatments should also be considered when deciding which dentist to work with long-term. The waiting room should be child-friendly and feature things like toys, colorful books, and puzzles for entertainment. The walls should be colorfully decorated to encourage a positive mindset and relaxed attitude among patients when they walk in the door.

The dentist's office should also be decorated with kids in mind. It can be scary getting in the dentist's chair when the room is bland and the overhead lighting so bright. While you shouldn't expect the walls to be painted red or filled with cartoon posters, your new dentist's office should be cheerful, comfortable, and engaging overall.


The location of your new dentist can make a big difference in whether your little one has a positive experience when going in for check ups or treatments of some kind. If the dentist is located near the post office or other businesses you frequent, you may end up sandwiching your child's dentist appointment between a bunch of errands which doesn't typically make for a fun day where kids are concerned.

If you choose a dentist location near a park or your child's favorite fast food restaurant, you'll be more inclined to make visiting the dentist fun by spending time at the playground or enjoying a meal together after a scheduled appointment. For more information on family dentists, visit sites like