Orthodontic Questions And Concerns Potential Patients Will Frequently Have

Correct alignment and spaces are critical for the attractiveness of anyone's smile. While many people are fortunate enough to have near perfect teeth, many others will find that they need corrective treatments for their smiles to reach their full potentials.  

Are There Any Functional Benefits That Can Be Provided By Braces?

Having an aesthetically attractive smile is important for making strong impressions, having healthy self-esteem and speaking. Individuals that have alignment and spacing issues with their teeth may be likely to also experience difficulty with speaking clearly or they may find that particularly sounds are difficult for them to make. Without wearing braces, these speech problems might be impossible to fully correct. Furthermore, if the teeth are too crowded, they can be far more prone to developing cavities as it will be harder to effectively clean them. After examining your teeth, your orthodontist will be able to help you understand the ways that braces can help your particular issues. In fact, some of the professionals may be able to use computer models so forecast how your smile will look after the treatments.

How Can You Reduce The Embarrassment Of Wearing Braces?

While braces can have the power to transform a person's smile, it is a reality that some people may avoid undergoing this treatment as a result of them being concerned about the effect that wearing the braces will have on their smiles. Luckily, individuals that are wanting to avoid wearing extremely noticeable metal braces, there are a couple of more discrete solutions that may be chosen. One style of clear braces essentially functions the same as traditional braces, but they are made of a translucent plastic that will be much more difficult to see. Another option uses clear retainers that can be removed when necessary for an even more discrete tooth straightening solution.

What Type Of Lifestyle Changes Will Be Needed For Your Braces?

It is frequently thought that wearing braces will require a major shift in a person's lifestyle. However, braces actually only require a few adjustments to ensure that they avoid damage and are as effective as possible. Typically, dietary changes may be necessary as there are some foods that can be damaging to braces, such as popcorn. However, the exact foods that will need to be avoided will vary depending on the type of braces that are being used. Another change that may be necessary is that you will need to attend monthly visits with your orthodontist (Orthodontic Associates has a few great ones) so that the braces can be adjusted so the teeth can be corrected as quickly as possible.