3 Reasons To Add A Third Yearly Dental Cleaning For Your Child

A typical dental cleaning is recommended every six months. While twice a year is normal for most people, there may be specific situations where more cleanings are needed for your child. Adding a third cleaning and extending their visits to every four months can help prevent the onset of gum disease, keep their smile looking healthy, and help deter other factors that are negatively impacting the teeth. If any of the following three things are impacting your child's dental health, it may be a good time to contact your dentist and change the pacing of appointments.

Family History

Gum disease is often caused by poor tooth care, but some people can be more prone to it due to family history. If your family has a history of gum disease like gingivitis, then your child's mouth may be prone to the same disease. This means that daily flossing, brushing, and mouth wash are not enough to keep their mouth clean. By booking an extra appointment with a dentist, you can ensure that extra tartar, plaque, and debris is removed from the teeth. Dentists can also examine their gums for signs of gingivitis or more advanced problems like periodontal disease. If you are unsure about your family's dental history, it's a good idea to ask parents, grandparents, and other extended relatives.

Second-Hand Smoke

Smoking by itself can lead to major problems like gum disease, but second-hand smoke can also lead to similar issues and problems with your child's oral health. This can occur if your child is exposed to smoke or have family members that smoke around them. The smoke exposure could lead to increased tooth decay, especially in younger children. By booking an extra cleaning appointment, you can keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Along with the extra cleaning, you can try to limit their exposure and keep the mouth protected for years to come.

Mouth Breathing

At night, breathing through the mouth leaves gums exposed. It can dry out the mouth and decrease the amount of saliva that is produced each day. With less saliva, your mouth will not be able to remove acid and germs that can cause damage. By adding a third cleaning appointment, the teeth and gums can be kept clean. A deep cleaning of the gums will help eliminate bacteria and prevent the expansion of gum disease. Dentists may also give your child tips to help reduce mouth breathing at night and during the day.

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