Clinical Treatment Of Canker Sores: How To Get Rid Of Painful Sores Fast

If you suffer from canker sores, you're not alone. It's estimated that canker sores, or oral ulcers, occur in about 20 percent of the population. The symptoms of canker sores, which usually last two weeks without treatment, include tingling, burning and extreme pain in the vicinity of the sore. In most cases, sores will heal, albeit slowly and painfully, on their own. However, some people experience extreme pain or suffer from extra large sores, multiple sores or frequent outbreaks, which makes them perfect for clinical treatment of canker sores. Following are a couple of ways to make canker sores go away fast. 

Prescription Medications

Prescription oral rinses and pastes are used to reduce pain and inflammation in canker sores. While they don't make canker sores go away immediately, they work fairly well at relieving pain quickly and may even shorten the duration of the sore by a few days. If you're suffering from a minor to moderate outbreak, prescription medications might be your best bet for a quick recovery. Commonly prescribed medications include:

  • Amlexanox - A prescription paste that is applied directly to the sore, Amlexanox works by chemically cauterizing the tissue of the canker sore. Not only does this reduce pain immediately, it can promote healing and shorten the lifespan of your sore.
  • Topical Steroids - Several topical steroids are used for the treatment of canker sores, including triamcinolone topical and dexamethasone among others. Steroids reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Dental Office Treatments

If you can't live with the pain of your canker sore for one more day, you may want to think about seeing your dentist. Your dentist may perform one of two following procedures to heal your canker sore super fast and to get rid of the pain associated with your outbreak almost immediately. 

  • Laser Therapy - By directing a diode laser directly at your canker sore, your dentist can reduce pain and sensation in the area of your canker sore. The laser also stimulates a healing response. Many small sores actually go away within a day or two of laser treatment. 
  • Acid Etch - Dentists commonly use an acidic material that etches tooth surfaces in order to prep them for receiving dental composites. When this material is placed directly on a canker sore, it seals off the sore and allows it to heal faster. 

While it's not necessary to have your canker sore treated by a medical professional, treatment can greatly reduce your pain and the lifespan of your sore. Frequent sores may also point to an underlying medical condition, so it's important to talk to your doctor if you experience a lot of breakouts. Visit a dentist who specializes in laser dentistry like Richard M Holmes DMD PA for more information.