Never Do These Things If You Have Dentures

Dentures can be expensive and you likely do not want to have to replace them anytime soon. There are a few things that you must never do if you own dentures because you could break them or warp them out of alignment.

Don't Make Adjustments Yourself

If your dentures do not fit properly, do not use pads to try to hold the dentures into place. Your gums change as you get older and you will need your dentures to be fitted so that they sit snugly in your mouth. Also, you do not want to try to fix the dentures yourself because you can cause permanent gum damage.

Avoid Wearing Your Dentures for Too Long

You will not want to constantly wear your dentures because the acrylic can irritate your gums. Sometimes, the gums will become inflamed as a result. Other times, the gums will become flabby and will not attach to the teeth well. Therefore, you will want to take your dentures out at night. While they are out of your mouth, you should soak them in water to help remove stains, plaque and bacteria. Do not soak them in very hot or cold water because you can damage them. Don't use abrasive denture cleaners because these can damage the dentures.

Don't Drop your Dentures

Dropping your dentures on a hard surface can easily break them. Therefore, you will want to cover the area under your dentures with towels to protect them from falls. Another option is to clean them over a basin filled with water. If you have pets or children, do not leave your dentures in a place where they can find them.

Try Not to Bite Down Too Hard

If you have natural teeth on bottom and dentures on the top, it is common to crack your teeth by biting down. Make sure that you are gentle and that you do not bite with too much force. Avoid using biting or tugging motions because these are the most likely to damage your teeth.

Don't Eat Very Hot or Cold Foods

Try to avoid eating foods that are too hot or icy, because these foods can cause your dentures to warp out of alignment. Also, avoid eating foods that are too hard because biting down hard on them can cause your dentures to crack.

Don't Cancel Your Dentist Appointments

Even if you do not have any natural teeth, you will still need to visit the dentist once a year. Dentists will check for sores and also for evidence of cancer. Also, you and your dentist can identify changes in the fit of your dentures so that these can be corrected. If your dentures are not fitting properly, you will not want to ignore the problem because this can cause burns, discomfort and sores. A denturist like Northwest Dental Services can give you more advice about taking good care of your dentures.