Your Whole Body's Health Might Rely On Your Oral Health

Taking care of your body is the best way to ensure that you're strong and healthy well into old age. However, if you're not making your oral health a part of that commitment, chances are you're doing yourself a disservice. Here's how the mouth and its well-being plays a big role in the overall health of your body.


When your mouth isn't in good health, it turns out that your brain might end up being the same way.

Doctors and scientists now believe that diseases like dementia may be linked to gum disease and plaque. The same kind of plaque that develops in the mouth has also been found in the brain of patients with Alzheimer's. For this reason, doing everything that you can to avoid gum disease should be high on your list of commitments.


Your heart and cardiovascular system is also dependent upon the health of your mouth. There are two aspects to this.

Plaque is bad for your cardiovascular system just like it is your brain. Plaque from your mouth can make it into the bloodstream and can help to lead to artery blockages that can cause strokes.

If that weren't enough, the inflammation caused by gum disease can also trigger heart problems. This is because inflammation is bad for the heart and arteries. If the inflammation goes on long enough, it can limit the amount of space available for blood to flow through the chambers of the heart. This can increase your blood pressure, among other things.


Okay, so you know that your brain and heart are attached to the mouth, health-wise. Well, it turns out that so are the kidneys.

Doctors and scientists now believe that kidney disease may be linked to oral disease. Like sick arteries and the heart, it's believed that this is due to the inflammation caused by bacteria responsible for gum disease. If those bacteria make it to the kidneys, they can damage the kidney and make it less effective at its job. If it goes on for long enough, kidney failure can ensue.

Taking care of your gums and teeth is an integral part to keeping your body healthy. If you're not currently doing a good enough job with your mouth, then start changing that by seeing a dentist. Get a thorough dental cleaning and then maintain it by flossing and brushing regularly. Your body may thank you for it in the long run.